Dec 29, 2010


Christmas has come and gone, and it was all in a way, a big giant blur. And I'm exhausted.

It all began for us on the morning of the 22nd when Santa visited our house. He came early of course, because he knew we were about to travel all over the state of Oklahoma. Scarlett was none the wiser. She was just thrilled Santa came and brought her a choo-choo train and ate his cookies and drank his milk. Her mother, on the other hand, is not negotiating where she spends Christmas morning next year. We will be home. At our house. And that's that.

I did not take very many pictures. I have a point and shoot. See, you don't blame me, do you?  Santa did not bring me an SLR. He says when I go back to work full time, I can have all the cameras, and clothes, and Uggs I want.  But until then, I just get the to delight in the fact that I get to be home with my daughter.  Um, thanks Santa.

First we ventured 4 hours away to my husband's little old home town, Spiro. Then on Christmas morning we drove another 3 hours to my little old home town.  And I realized there, that my sister and I were watching our babies open presents and stockings in the same house we opened presents and stockings growing up.

And two days later we drove another 3 1/2 hours back home. Now we are facing endless laundry and boxes and boxes of toys that need to be taken out of impossible packaging and put together.

Christmas was wonderful. My heart is full. And I'm very, very tired.


Dec 17, 2010

Santa Clause

I cannot believe this will be Scarlett's third Christmas! This year she is very much aware who Santa is. We had planned to go see him with a big entourage, us, my sister's family, and my parents last weekend. We waited in line for an hour, and by the time it was finally our turn, Scarlett was not having it. She cried and cried and told me, "I don't want to!" So we didn't make her sit on his lap. My sister was very annoyed by this, and thought we should have just thrown her on his lap for a quick pic, but I just couldn't make her when she was that upset. It wasn't a huge deal to me, so I was just going to foret about it this year.

Then all week she started up about Santa again saying she wanted to "try again" and she said, "I not cry anymore!" So when we were at the mall last night with just me, her and Chris, and I saw the Santa exhibit, I told her he was there. We had just ate dinner so she was full and hyper, and she very excitedly said she was ready to see him.

And to my great surprise, she was! There was only one little boy in front of us, and he was crying a little bit so Scarlett started singing to him, "Oh, you better watch out! You better not cry!" I swear I'm not making that up.

She kept asking, "Can I sit on his lap now?" I really couldn't belive it! She walked up to him, and told him she wanted a choo-choo train, and she pointed to us and said, "That's my mom!" and "That's my dad!" She asked him if he was going to bring her toys. She sat on his lap easily and hugged him good-bye. Afterwards she kept saying, "But he didn't say Ho, Ho, Ho!?" That really threw her off.

So I hope my sister is happy because we do have a picture this year after all.

Last year she didn't cry until she realized she was on his lap and I was walking off.

And the first year. Ignorance is bliss!

And my favorite "Santa" picuture of all. I could just cry! They just aren't babies for very long. 

Dec 13, 2010

Christmas Family Photos

We drove all the way home to Oklahoma back in October so Angel Porch could take our family Christmas photos. We were lucky enough to get in on her Holiday Mini Session. I absolutely love her! She took Scarlett's two year photos back in May, and it was great to see her again. I could look at her work all day. And the way she captures newborns gives me serious baby fever. I might have to have one more baby just so she can photograph him or her!

Since I love digital scrapbooking so much and playing around with Photoshop, I decided to design our Christmas card this year. I like making my own so I can choose whatever colors, layout, and wording I want.  I made my sister's card too. Here's my finished product.  I had so much fun with this!

Dec 7, 2010

Miss Patty Cake

My niece London sang with Miss Patty Cake at church last week.  It was so precious watching her sing, do the little motions and stand on the risers like such a big girl.  Scarlett and Lily liked watching although I think they really just wanted to go up on that stage too. This was Scarlett's first time to see Miss Patty Cake. She was a hit!

In front of the tree before leaving. Scarlett had some wild curls that night!

Can you see London! So sweet!

After London sang several songs she came back to sit with us to listen to Miss Patty Cake's message about Jesus. I didn't get any of Lily for some reason!

Scarlett LOVES her London.

                                                    Miss Patty Cake!

Nov 29, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We had a wonderful, relaxing Thanksgiving with family in OKC. It's always so nice to go home. We ate dinner at my Grandma and Grandpa's house, then spent a few days in Mustang with my parents and my sister and her family.  Chris and I even had a night out alone!

Here's the kids! London and Lily of course, then Jaxon & baby Emma, my cousin Sarah's kiddos.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 23, 2010

Odds and Ends

Scarlett has been completely potty trained at night for the past couple of weeks which means I'm officially done buying pull-ups! I am so proud of her since she won't be 3 until April.

Preschool is also going great. It's been several weeks since she has cried when I drop her off. She's finally her normal self around her teachers and friends. I think it has been the best thing for her. (It's even helped when we go to church because she doesn't cry there anymore either.) They do so many great activities at her preschool, and she loves talking about what they do. Lately they have started doing baby yoga, made and ate jello, had a chocolate tasting, and painted with feathers, pumpkin spice, and corn. Every week they talk about a new bible verse. I love to hear Scarlett tell me what they do there. She loves talking about her friends and I think she's a little busy-body because she was telling me the other day who wears diapers in her class and who wears pull-ups. She is such a hoot!

Also, Chris was lucky enough to get to go to a World Series game! He went to the only game the Rangers won too!

Nov 8, 2010

Conversations with Scarlett #1

At Target

Waiting in line to check-out behind a disheveled, grumpy looking man.

Scarlett: (To the man) Hi! We take Vito to the doctor!

This kid has gotten to where she'll talk to just about anybody. She was right at least; we were going to take our cats to get their vaccinations later.Grumpy Man just stared at her blankly while Target Lady scanned his items.Scarlett stared back. Scarlett turned to me.

Scarlett: He can’t talk mommy?

Me:  (Leaning down to whisper) Scarlett let’s be quiet, ok? Just talk to mommy.

Scarlett: But he can’t talk?

Grumpy Man was not amused. He then looked at me. I smiled and shrugged. He stared, no smile.

Scarlett: (Giving up on Grumpy Man, she began singing at the top of her lungs.) Old MacDonald had a farm EIEIO! And on this farm he had a... (long pause) COW! EIEIO!

Grumpy Man looked at me as if to say, Are you going to make her stop? He didn't even crack a tiny smile. Jerk. She‘s a two year old for goodness sakes! I noticed he was staring at her hood too; the hood I couldn't get her to take off.

Me: Scarlett, let’s sing very quietly, ok?

Scarlett: NO!

Me: And let’s take off your hood too. You don’t need it inside.

Scarlett: No mommy!

Me: Well why not?

Scarlett: Because mommy! My hair’s cold!


On the Way to Church

Scarlett: Will Jesus be at church mommy?

Me: Well, yes, he’ll be there, but you just can’t see him.

Scarlett: But mommy, where's Jesus's car?

At 3:40 a.m

Scarlett: Mommy! Mommy! Come cover me up!

I went. I covered her up. I walked out of her room without saying anything.

Scarlett: Mommy! Teddy needs covers too!

I was half way back to my bed. I turned back around, went back in her room, covered up Teddy, and left, again, without saying anything.

Scarlett: Thank you mommy!

At home today (After watching an old Santa cartoon with Chris yesterday)

Sarlett was dragging around one of my huge cloth laundry bags. It was filled with all sorts of her toys. She was going around to different corners of the house. She’d stop, pull out a toy, put it on the ground, gather her bag back up, and walk around some more. She came to me, stopped, dug around in the bag some, and pulled out her beloved Curious George stuffed animal.

Scarlett: Mommy, this one’s for you!

Me: Thank you!

She gathered up the bag and dragged it off again.

Me: What are you doing?

Scarlett: I’m makin’ Christmas mommy!

Nov 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

Scarlett really enjoyed trick-or-treating this year. She quickly realized that with each house, her bucket was getting more and more full. She did such a good job at saying "Trick-or-Treat!" and "Thank you!"

Little Cowgirl ready to go!

Sweet cousins! Lily made such a precious Minnie Mouse!

My niece London LOVES Toy Story so dressing as Jessie was perfect! 
So stinkin' cute!

First house!

The girls got these adorable Halloween bracelets from one of the houses. Man, I need to step up my game with what I hand out!

"Home, home on the range!"   

This is a house in my sister's neighborhood fondly referred to throughout the year as "The Halloween House." It is so so scary in person. Creepy music and all. Scarlett still went up to the door to my surprise, with a death grip on my hand that is. She kept saying "Candy! Candy!" as we passed by all the freaky statues; I guess reminding herself that being scared would pay off at least!

And the Two Year Olds are done!

Nov 1, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

We had our first family pumpkin carving event a few days before Halloween. We bought some of those pumpkin carving kits (which actually work by the way) and had some fun! Scarlett loved playing in the pumpkin goo.  It kept her busy for a long time while we carved away. I can say that she now fully understands the word, slimy! 

She pretended like she was cooking...

We had a huge mess to clean up, but she had such a good time.

Ta Da!