Sep 24, 2008


Stressed out is my middle name this week. I've been sick, Scarlett has a runny nose, we're moving Saturday (I'll explain in another post), and with seeing Chris less as he comes home just as I leave for work most evenings, it's just a tad bit crazy around our house. And today we had to get up early so that we could be at our appointment this morning for Scarlett's helmet/doc band fitting.

After fighting lovely Dallas traffic, we arrived 7 minutes late. The helmet fitting process is very quick. They placed this little stocking mask over her face that looks like pantyhose (you know like when you see a scary movie with a burglar wearing them over his face as a disguise?!). She did cry during this, but I think it was mainly because she has started this thing about seeing strangers. If a face is unfamiliar to her, she juts out that bottom lip and tears soon follow. Anyway, they took pictures of her with special equipment that produces 3-D images of her head so that they can make a helmet just for her. The helmet takes 2 weeks to make so she will have it soon. Oh, and the insurance has denied coverage, and we can appeal, but quite frankly, I don't know if I have the time or the energy to fight them anymore. Plus our policy states that they do not provide coverage for banding unless it's post operative...but that's all another story.

Anyway, we then came home to our tornado of a house, and I had to work on packing. Later this afternoon Scarlett was getting very bored with watching me pack so we went outside in the shade on a blanket. She loves it outside. It makes her very calm and relaxed. She was laughing and babbling and very interested in grabbing handfuls of grass. It's the wonderful moments like this with her that makes it all worth it. Ten years from now, I won't remember the stress or the messy house or the exhaustion as much as I'll remember just being with her and watching her grow. Ok, so I'll probably never forget how tired I am, but you get my point! : ) Here's Scarlett enjoying the shade!

Sep 19, 2008


Here is my little chug-a-lug lounging in her "recliner." (And she looks EXACTLY like her daddy if you haven't noticed.) Anyway, if you can't tell by looking, you may wonder why I have given her such a nick name. Well, look closely at her little play clothes outfit. Seems normal right? Well, guess what size it is. Go on, just guess. Well you're probably wrong because it's a size 12 months! She's 5 months old. Oh, my sweet sweet Scarlett, what are we going to do with you!

Sep 10, 2008

5 Months

Scarlett turned 5 months old yesterday, and she has abruptly changed over the last couple of days. Last Friday, she began rolling over on her own. But the funny thing is that she only rolls over from her back to her tummy which is the opposite way babies normally begin to roll over. She won't roll onto her back from her tummy yet. She isn't crawling yet of course, but she somehow manages to move all around by wiggling and scooting. And she's now all over the place in her crib. She's also demanding to sleep on her tummy. I started off correcting her and putting her back onto her back, but she just rolls over again. She definitely sleeps more soundly this way. I'm so thankful that I am able to stay home with her because every day brings new memories. Happy 5 Months Scarlett!

Sep 6, 2008

A Few of Her Favorite Things

This little pink bear is Scarlett's favorite toy. She loves to bite it and chew on it and listen to it play "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"

Here's Scarlett with another favorite toy....she mostly loves to bang on the little piano keys and bite the little rubber bird.