Jan 31, 2010

Sweet Songs

We sing a lot of songs around here! Scarlett loves to sing and incorporating songs into our daily activities can really help things to go smoothly. Songs can be a great distraction when Scarlett doesn't want to do what I need her to do or when she's fussy.

We have a song we sing when we clean up; Scarlett hears the song and immediately sings along and knows what I want her to do. We sing during bath time, when we brush her teeth, when we wash her hands, and when when we're driving. In the car now, instead of asking for a DVD, she asks for music. She says, "Noomic!" Which of course means music. She just sits back and sings along with the CD to songs like, If You're Happy and You Know It, Shoo Fly, Old MacDonald, and all those traditional children's songs. I set up my I Pod player in her room, and she's always pointing up to it demanding, "Noomic!"

I've been trying to record her singing, but every time I try, she stops and wants the video camera. Here are two videos I did get, but I'm hoping to eventually capture better versions.

Jan 22, 2010


Scarlett has been saying so many funny words and phrases as her little vocabulary grows and grows. Just tonight, we came home from eating out and shopping, and she declared to the cat when we walked in the door, "Hi Peanut! How are you?" We crack up at what she says daily. Here are some of my favorites right now; the way she pronounces many of these is much cuter in person!

"High Five!"

"I swimmin!" (While taking a bath)

"Beach!" (When she spots the pool at our complex)

"That's funny!"

"Kitty! Get back!"

"I did it!" and "I DO it!"

"Tickle, Tickle!"

"Good Morning Peanut!" (To the cat when she wakes up)

"Bless you mommy!" (Or daddy, or whoever just sneezed)

"Daddy work" (When she's looking for Chris during the day and realizes he's gone)

"Oh! Mess!" (When she spills something)

"Oh, shoot!" (Unfortunately, she got this one from me, but at least it's not the other word!)

And best of all, if someone says to her, "Shake, shake, shake, Shake, shake, shake..." She knows just how to finish it off! Yep that's my girl!

Jan 17, 2010


I would have never guessed this about my offspring,

but the more I think about it,

even though her poor parents are anything but,

I am actually beginning to believe

that Miss Scarlett just might in fact be 


Jan 10, 2010

Is it just me?

Or does my 21 month old look like a three year old in this picture? Where is my baby!?

All those Christmas toys and what does she want? My new Flip. Chris and I both got the coolest new little digital camcorders.(Thanks Pappa & Mimi) Mine's yellow, my favorite! They are wonderful! Seriously, throw your clunky video cameras away because these little things are so easy and convenient to use. The USB drive just flips out when you're ready to upload and edit your recordings. Anyway, Scarlett loves them too because she can easily watch back all the videos of herself. She laughs and laughs watching herself on that thing. See how small it is? She'd play with it all day if I'd let her.

Jan 7, 2010

Master of the House

...quick to catch yer eye, never wants a passerby to pass him by..."

You know that song too? Well, probably not; unless you're like me and can be found jammin out to Les Mis tunes every now and then.

But that's beside the point.

I'm just thinking of that song because I used to be the Master of the House around here. Well, not biblically of course, I wouldn't dare! I mean educationally.

For a few years now I have found great pride in being the most highly educated member of our household. Getting a Master's Degree as you may know is no easy feat, so I found no shame in reminding Chris quite often that I had one upped him in the degree department.

Then he went back to school. Grrr...

In all seriousness, this post is really about him. I am so proud of him for recently completing his Master's Degree in Education with an emphasis in Administration. Trust me, he had a hard time of it. Working on his classes at night while taking care of Scarlett too since I work nights was really tough on him. He had many many late late nights. But he stuck with it and never even made a B! Which is more than I can say about my transcripts. WAY TO GO DADDY!

Now Chris is fully certified to become a school principal. He's already working toward that goal this year. He was promoted to behavioral specialist at the middle school where he works. He teaches two classes this year and helps out with administrative duties the remainder of the day.

Here he is with Scarlett in his new office!

I am so PROUD of you! It makes me so happy to see you succeed. I am very excited to see what God has in store for you and our family. Thank you for working so hard on your degree.

"Everybody raise a glass to the master of the house!

Jan 3, 2010

Spiro Christmas

A few days after Christmas we finally made it up to see Chris's family. First we stopped in Krebb's for their family reunion and the best Italian food on the planet. We had fun eating and catching up with about 50 of Chris's relatives. They are the nicest group of people! I took some great pictures...one of Chris and his cool uncle Jimmy, one of Scarlett and her sweet cousin Emma holding hands, and one of all the kids running and playing down the hall. However, I was playing around with my new camera and somehow deleted all of them at once! I was so mad at myself.

We then made it on to Spiro where we opened presents with Mimi and Pappa and visited with more family.