Mar 31, 2009

Fun Times

Scarlett is feeling a little under the weather. She has a cold and 4 teeth are all pushing through on top, yikes! Poor Scarlett.

She has not slept for 2 nights in a row either. I'm the kind of tired I was when she was brand new. Poor Mommy.

Last night at midnight we could NOT find her suction bulb so Chris had to run to the store in the tornado weather (Poor Daddy) we were having only to come home and have her freak out when we tried to use it on her, and believe me freak out is an understatement! And at the doctor today she threw a royal fit while Dr.Lanman checked her throat and ears.

But before I start feeling sorry for myself I need to remember that there's many sweet babies out there who are a lot sicker than her, (like Stellan who still needs our prayers!) but it would be nice if I could get some sleep tonight...

Mar 24, 2009


We found out today that Scarlett only has to wear her Doc Band for 2 more weeks. Her exit day is 2 days before her birthday!

Mar 23, 2009


Well here she is (sniff, sniff) walking like a big girl. We have better footage on our video camera, but I can't seem to get that saved on the computer. So this not-so-good footage from my not-so-good digital camera will have to suffice! I also took this picture last night, and I just think she looks so toddler-like in it, I don't see a baby anymore....where did my baby go!?

Mar 20, 2009

Fun at the Dallas Arboretum

Today I went with all my girls-my mom, my grandma, my sister, my mother in law, London, Lily, and of course Scarlett-to the Dallas Arboretum. We've never been before, and it was beautiful! It's an amazing place to be. The day was gorgeous too! It was very crowded but we had a great time.

Mar 15, 2009

Pillows, Dolls, and a Big Girl Chair!

When I was cleaning her room the other day, I discovered that Scarlett likes rollin' around on pillows. She tackles them, lays on them, plays on them, falls on them! It's so funny to watch.

She also enjoys lovin' on her baby doll...which includes biting too!

Scarlett now has booster seat
instead of the yucky, bulky, impossible to clean, high chair!

In 26 days our baby will turn one.
It just cannot be! I truly am in denial.
Why does it go by so fast!?

Mar 9, 2009

The Things We Do for Our Kids

One of the few good things about apartment living:

This is the view from our balcony/porch. Not too shabby. Now that I've had some time to digest that we actually sold our house and moved into an apartment, cutting our living space in half, so that I could stay home with Scarlett, I am very thankful. Thankful we were able to swallow our pride and make the move, thankful to God for making it all work out, and thankful that we have a roof over our heads at all!


Lugging a baby and groceries up three flights of stairs is downright obnoxious! I also hate not having a backyard, hate the parking situation, and hate the small living space.

But it's not about me right now.

Scarlett has no clue where we're living and loves just being at home with her mamma! She loves going for walks around the pretty pond and she loves her big room. (Ok, I love her big room). She also enjoys the porch quite a bit now that I've gotten brave enough to take her out there and let her walk around.

Don't worry, Pappa was up there with her!

And yes people,
I will have a killer tan this summer!

Mar 7, 2009

First Steps

Scarlett took her first steps Thursday morning!! She was standing in the living room and took about 3 *real* steps over to where I was sitting on the couch. It was quite a moment! When I set her up right away to do it again so daddy could see, she forgot it all and fell backwards. But she took some steps again yesterday and daddy and my parents all witnessed the exciting event. Hooray for Scarlett! But mommy is a little sad as this is yet another reminder that she won't be my baby (at least physically anyway) forever.

Mar 4, 2009

Where's Baby Scarlett?

Scarlett is at the age now where I actually see her "learning" things. The other day, she brought her favorite book to me. And she really must have wanted me to read it because crawling and carrying something at the same time cannot be easy!

She knows how to manipulate her toys better now; for instance she has a busy ball train (that she loves and I highly recommend! And she really likes this ball popper too.) She knows how to push the button on the train to make it "go" and play a song.

We're still working on shaking our head "no" and "yes". I'll admit, I haven't done the whole baby sign language thing. Apparently this is all the rage these days, but frankly I think it's a bunch of hooey and I'd rather practice her verbal skills.

We've also been practicing pointing to people when we say their names, like, Where's daddy? and Where's mommy? The only one she can do right now though is she is in action for proof!