May 19, 2009

Have I Ever Mentioned?

That this little girl

has her mamma completely, totally, & unconditionally wrapped around her sticky little one year old finger?

May 13, 2009

Mirror, mirror, on the wall...

Scarlett loves the mirrors in her room. If she gets a hold of something new in a different room, she'll take it to hers so she can look at it in the mirror. She loves to try to put her headbands on her head or she'll drape clothes around her shoulders, all while watching herself in the mirror. It's quite a hoot. They've also helped her begin to recognize herself. She saw her picture on our computer and patted her head as if to say, "That's me!" and I know it's because of those crazy mirrors in her room! I can't stand them, but Scarlett thinks they're fabulous! She can entertain herself for hours minutes in front of them though so I'm not complaining!

May 10, 2009

Camera Conundrum

We have a crisis on our hands. Scarlett doesn't like having her picture taken these days! And no child of mine is allowed to shun photo sessions thank you very much. When the camera is out she turns her head or walks away and certainly has no patience for my ancient digital camera (but who does?). Yesterday we all met at GG's farm in OK. Here are the attempts at a sweet mother and daughter shot, none of which are frame worthy. Geez Scarlett, can't you help your mama out?

It was cold in OK (yes, 65 degrees is COLD) but we tried to play outside for a little bit anyway after a delicious spaghetti dinner and chocolate cake. Scarlett was happy with her carrots, strawberries, and grilled cheese sandwich. GG has acres and acres of good old open space and green grass for the kids to run around a play, or for Grandma to push them around in this suhweet double stroller.

May 1, 2009

Little Reader

With a librarian for a mother and an English teacher for a father, Scarlett has a lot to live up to in the reading department. So when I found her being so quiet in a little random corner of her room doing this

I couldn't help but be a little proud.