Mar 22, 2011


We didn't do much of anything during Spring Break this year which is just exactly what we all needed! Scarlett's preschool was out and so was Chris, and while we did a lot of relaxing around the house, we also had some fun. We took Scarlett to the zoo for the first time. It was a beautiful sunny day, almost hot! We didn't take a ton of pictures, but we all had a great time. They have a great children's zoo and Scarlett said her favorites were the alligators and the flamingos of all things.

We've also been doing some "practicing."  She's been practicing on the big-girl swings which actually scares me to death.  I've seen several kids at the parks we go to just flop right out face first.  She does good though.


We also practiced pedaling, and finally got it down! She would not pedal her trike but always wanted to just scoot herself around on it in the grass. This drove me crazy because as physical as she is, I know she could pedal. We took her out on the sidewalk and kept at it until she did it!  She did not want to stop and kept going up and down the sidewalk.  Now she's ready for a little bit bigger  bike....good thing her birthday is right around the corner!  She's already called Grandma and Pa and told them she wants a bigger bike!  

Mar 14, 2011

A Little Boring

It's been a little boring around here lately with not a whole lot going on.

Scarlett's 3rd birthday will be here in a few short weeks so we've been planning her big day. I've been having some fun making her invitations. She wants a Hello Kitty birthday, and we're going to rent a bounce house/slide. She cannot wait; she's so into birthdays right now. Chris and I are going to surprise her with a swing set from us which I know will be a really big hit with her.

We're also getting everything ready for her big girl bed! She's been in a toddler bed since the summer, and she's just ready for something bigger. Her crib converted to a toddler bed, and it also converts to a full sized bed. We're just waiting on the bed rails to come in. Her new bedding just arrived which is more exciting for me I think, but she's pretty excited too.

This week Chris is home with us for his Spring Break so hopefully we'll get to do something fun I that I can share!

It was PJ day at church on Sunday for the kids so that was a lot of fun!

Mar 2, 2011

Th...Th....Th...oh I can't even say it!

Oh my goodness; I cannot believe I am now 30 years old. Just saying, thirty, makes me cringe. I've felt like such a grown up for awhile now so I really liked being able to say I was still in my "twenties."  Everyone says I'll love my thirties, but they just don't get it! I just don't want to say good-bye to my twenties. I just don't want to be thirty. I can't imagine even telling someone that I'm thirty! It sounds so old.  Monday was a day of mourning and feeling pitiful for myself.

Thanks to my family though, it was very nice. This weekend we went to my parents' so they could watch Scarlettt while me and Chris went out alone. That in itself is a great birthday gift! My parents spoiled all of us as always all weekend. 

Chris got me this cake:

The story behind it is really sweet.  When I picked up Scarlett at preschool the other day, one of her teachers said she had been asking Scarlett that day which of the princesses is her favorite.  She said Scarlett didn't really seem to know which one to say, so she asked Scarlett if Cinderella is her favorite.  Scarlett thought and replied, "Well, my mommy is my favorite princess!" So Chris got the cake for that reason. I can't wait to remind Scarlett of that little story when she's 16, slamming doors in my face, and sneaking out of her bedroom window!

On Monday, which was my actual birthday, my sister and London and Lily, came over and surprised me bright and early. This is a big deal for my sister because her kiddos actually sleep in pretty good.  I threw on some clothes, and they took me and Scarlett out for breakfast. It was a very sweet surprise!! Thank you so much girls!