Apr 25, 2009

Swing Set

Who says you can't have your own swing set when you live in an apartment? Not my mom, that's for sure! She was bound and determined to get something for Scarlett to swing and slide on of her very own, and she found this!

Scarlett even helped me put it together! (Ok, I only put half of it together, and Chris had to finish it when he got home from work, but still...)

We put it on our patio under a colorful play mat, and it will be just perfect this summer!

Apr 22, 2009

Sayonara Helmet

With all the excitement and planning that surrounded Scarlett's first birthday party, I neglected to post about her graduation day from the Doc Band. It has been a very long and slow process for us. She was one of the rare cases who had to have 2 helmets so she was in one or the other for 7 months. My niece had to have 2 also so something must be up on my side of the family!

Here are comparison pictures of her progress taken by Cranial Technologies. The picture on the far left is her before ever having a helmet (and with all her sweet baby fat too!). The picture in the middle is her after helmet #1, and the picture on the right is her after helmet #2.

Photo Study, Cranial Technologies

As you can see, in the beginning, it appears that she had a pretty severe case of plagiocephaly. Her poor little head was very flat! (And what I find scary is that they called her a mild case!)

Some cases of plagiocephaly are definitely caused in utero, but Scarlett's case was labeled as positional, meaning her head became flat from lying on her back after she was born. However, being aware of plagiocephaly because of my niece, I really worked at keeping her off the back of her head during naps and during the day, so I really think something had to be going on in utero with the position of her head.

Regardless, her head is still not a textbook example of perfection, but we are content with the progress she did make. They did not recommend a third helmet, thank goodness. They said as her head continues to grow, the angles will change and her head will appear even rounder. And if this kid will ever grow some more hair, she will be good to go! I am thankful it is all over and that there is no risk of her having jaw or vision problems in the future. Good-bye Helmet!

Apr 13, 2009

Party Time

The Birthday Girl

The Cake

The Loot

The Cousins

Time to sing & eat cake!

The Mess

What a great day!

Thank you Genga, Pa, GG, Mimi, Pappa, Aunt Donna, Uncle David, Auntie Kristin, Jaxon, Emma, Nanny, Aunt Carol, Uncle Charley, & Nanna Chris for making special trips to be with our sweet Scarlett on her special day. Your presence at her party meant so much to us.
We are so blessed to have you all. We love you all so very much!!!

And a VERY SPECIAL thank you also to Auntie, Uncle J, London, & Lily for so graciously allowing us to have the party at your beautiful home!!
We love you!

And as if Saturday wasn't busy enough, Sunday was Easter. Our plan was to take most of the pictures after church, but when we picked up Scarlett from the nursery, she wasn't in her Easter dress anymore... they said there was an "accident" while changing her diaper. So we just said forget about more pictures, and we all went home for a much needed nap!
Here's the two we did get:

Apr 9, 2009

Scarlett Turns One

I can't help but being a little sad today. Actually, if truth be told, I've been on the verge of tears all day. Our baby is now one. One year ago today we met her for the first time. One year ago today she was just a sleeping bundle. One year ago today our lives were changed forever and for the better. So much has happened, so much has changed. In twelve months time she has become a walking, babbling, determined, cheerful toddler. And I'm just a little sad.

Her party is Saturday, but here's some pictures from our day today.

First picture of the day. Miss Scarlett thought it would be funny to wake up at 6:15!

Looking at her new toys from mom and dad...

Birthday Girl!

Oh, and she'd be sad today too if she knew this love of her life was about to be snatched from her...Lord help us all!