Jan 28, 2009


We cannot take our eyes off of Scarlett for a second these days. After a very scary broken vase incident when daddy was on duty, (yes, I'm throwing him under the bus) we're in full baby proof mode right now. We've covered plugs, replaced the coffee table, and put breakables and cleaning products out of reach. She's sneaky though and will try her hardest to get to things she wants, like the fireplace...no matter what I put in front of it, she still gets to it!

Any object is fair game for her to pull up on
which can also be quite hazardous!

She loves to open and close, open and close, open and close,(get my point!?) the cabinets. I'm going to use baby locks on most but leave some safe ones for her to play with because she loves it that much!
Anything good in here?

We can be sure she will go for anything that's not an actual toy: remotes, cordless phones, cords of all kinds, important paperwork, full coffee cups, kitty fur...the list goes on...

Daddy's work badge looks fun, I've also got the calculator too!

Food is more fun than ever now too! (for her at least) Here she is after a dinner of baby spaghetti, peas and prunes.

Ahhh....finally playing with something that's allowed.
Safe and sound at last.

Jan 26, 2009

Birthday Party Fun

We celebrated London's 3rd birthday this weekend at Chuck E. Cheese. Man that place is loud! We all had a fun time though. Happy Birthday Miss London!

Birthday Girl!

Lily is growing up too fast too!
Well sooner or later at least...

First bite of birthday cake;
she was more interested in the cheese pizza though!

Thanks for the fun party favors London,
bubbles and snacks and lots of other fun treats!
We had a great time!

Jan 21, 2009

Little Red Wagon

Someone pull me!

Here we go, hang on!


No more pictures mom!

Thanks for the fun wagon GG!

Jan 16, 2009

Toy of the Day

Her room overflows with toys yet this is one of her favorite things...

Jan 14, 2009

Still My Chug-a-lug!

Scarlett had her 9 month check-up yesterday as well as her first helmet adjustment with the second helmet. Two doctor's appointments in one day, fun! fun! But luckily there are no shots at 9 months!! And helmet #2 is already starting to work its magic.

At 9 months Scarlett weighs: 22.5 pounds, 95th percentile, and she is 28 1/2 inches long, 95th percentile. At least she's consistent!

She is doing great developmentally, and we're going to start some table foods and level 3 baby foods this month.

Here's a little clip of her babbling and moving around. I've learned that she is pretty fearless when it comes to attempting to move around and go from standing to crawling and crawling to sitting to standing! (I realize my camera makes a strange noise when I have it in film mode, no clue.....)

Jan 9, 2009

9 Months Old

Another month has flown by, and it seems Scarlett starts doing new things every day.

This week she began clapping! She loves to clap and watch other people clap.We clap when she finishes eating, we clap after putting on her clothes, we clap after putting on her helmet, everything is a reason to clap these days!

Scarlett also began waving about a week ago. Yesterday she was waving to everyone at the grocery store.Scarlett says mamma quite a bit now. She actually threw up (like real people throw up, so gross, all over me and her) for the first time the other night and while Chris was going to get a wash cloth, I rocked her and she just laid her little head on my shoulder and said mamma, mamma, mamma, over and over again in the most pitiful little voice you've ever heard.
She also pulls up now to a standing position. Yesterday she would NOT take her afternoon nap. She was mad and screaming, and I finally gave up and went to go get her. I was stunned to see her standing in her crib. I guess she got mad enough to pull up on her own!

At 9 months Scarlett is much needier for me than ever before. She is more aware of when I leave the room and when I'm not paying attention to her (like right now, she's watching me type from her bumbo chair and she is not happy). She often gets upset when I put her down, even if I'm still right there by her. It's amazing what you can get done with a 22 pound baby on your hip. The other day I reorganized the pantry while holding her, happy as she could be!

And finally, I have just quit breastfeeding. Today is actually the first day for me not to breastfeed at all, and it's very emotional. I've always heard that's it's harder on the mammas when breastfeeding ends, and I hope this is true for Scarlett's sake. Breastfeeding is the most challenging, tiring, difficult, and yet most wonderful thing I've ever done. But I won't miss pumping at work and those sharp little baby teeth....

Happy 9 months Miss Scarlett!

Jan 6, 2009

Helmet Round 2

Scarlett's second helmet was ready for her today. Here we go again. She wore the first one religiously (I know there were pics where she wasn't wearing it, but those were just brief breaks) and she will wear this one just the same, 23 hours a day. I PRAY that it will correct her head for good. This helmet is a little different as every helmet is custom made based on each baby's need, and luckily there's still room for a bow! One of the only upsides to having her in a helmet right now is that it serves as a great head protector. As she pulls up and falls over, I don't worry as much about her bumping her head and getting hurt!

Even though she's been without a helmet for almost 3 weeks, she's adjusting to it again just fine!

Jan 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

We rang in the new year in Oklahoma with my parents. Scarlett is feeling much better, and she had a great time too. We had lots of good food, watched football, visited with my grandparents, Chris and I got to go out, and Scarlett played and played and played.

New Year's Eve!

Sweet Cheeks

Sweet Chubby Legs!

New Year's Day

Grandma thinks of the best ideas!

I am transitioning Scarlett to formula so she's getting more bottles during the day. As if quitting breastfeeding isn't emotional enough, she can hold her own bottle so good now. She looks like such a big girl that I could cry!