Aug 24, 2010


Scarlett has become quite the picky eater. Sometimes she'll eat a lot, and sometimes she'll eat nothing. I don't worry about this at all for some reason; I  know she'll eat when she's hungry. I do, however, try to find creative ways to get her to eat. Using toothpicks instead of forks has been working lately. She loves "stabbing" the food and eating it off the toothpick.

Breakfast is usually the meal where she eats the least, but not on this day!

Then at dinner she got a kick out of seeing how many peas we could get on the toothpick, then she ate them all!

Sometimes it just takes a little manipulation to get a toddler's tummy full!

Aug 16, 2010

Weekend Fun!

We had a great weekend, busy as always, celebrating Lily's 2nd birthday and spending time with family.

On Friday night I watched all the girls while my sister and her husband went out for the evening. These are three of the best little girls in the whole world. They are so good and so easy. We had dinner, swam, played in the sand, played in the sprinkler, ate ice cream, and then I threw them all in the bathtub so London and Lily would be ready to go when Mandy and Jeff came to pick them up.

Saturday we all met at my Lily's house for her birthday party! Mandy chose a luau theme which was so cute! Lily wore a little grass skirt and everything. It was adorable! One problem...I did not get my camera out one time! (This is mainly because I hate my camera and must get a digital SLR soon before my awful little point-and shoot provokes me to stab myself.)

I did use my cell to take some of the kids going down the slide into the little pool. It was quite a hoot!

Here goes London, sunglasses and all!

Scarlett's turn! (Notice the funny take of Uncle Jeff below!) Sometimes, she scared me going down that slide! She would go completely under the water and one time she even when down head first on her stomach! She's a little daredevil.

Even Jaxon, my cousin Sarah's little boy who's about 4 months away from being two, went down!

Scarlett did not get a nap that day, and it was one long day! When we finally got home, gave her a bath, and put her to bed, it was after 8:00 which is past her normal bedtime when she does nap. So she was exhausted. She fell asleep in her room with all the lights on when she was waiting for me to come read to her.Yes, she still gets pacis when she sleeps; if you would like to come over and take them away from her, please, be my guest.

And if Friday and Saturday weren't busy enough, Sunday, everyone came over to our house, and the girls broke in the new toy Aunt Pebbles brought for Scarlett. It's an indoor jump-o-line. The pictures of the girls as little blurs are perfect, because that's what happens when they get in it. They run around and jump like crazy!!

Whew! What a weekend!

Aug 1, 2010


Sometimes Scarlett is all boy; she kicks, runs, hits, jumps, somersaults, splashes, and slides. She can be a little dare devil with all things physical. She's definitely ready for gymnastics! She's extremely agile and dexterous. She's even built like a little athlete. Her arms and legs are already a little muscular.

Then she's also all girl. She loves dressing up, baby dolls, cooking in her play kitchen, shoes, and jewelry. She's always interested in my necklaces and earrings. The other day we were looking at costumes in a catalog, and I asked her what she wants to be for Halloween this year. I didn't really think she would know how to answer, but she said, "A Princess!" without skipping a beat.

So while I actually love that she's a little athlete in the making, I also enjoy it when she begs me to paint her toes and sits so patiently while I roll her hair and get her all dolled up!