Jul 7, 2011

4th of July 2011

I can't believe another summer is here and that it's already July. This year we went to some friends' house for dinner then we decided to keep Scarlett up so we could go see her first fireworks show. We have many great ones near our area, and we just chose one of the nearest that I've seen before and knew was really good.

The bad part is that there are huge crowds everywhere, and if you go to watch this particular show in the park itself, you may never get out! You have to park a mile away then they shuttle you into the park.

So I had a brilliant idea to go to our old apartment complex. They have a nice big grassy area near the pool and playground, and I figured we could "sneak" in and watch the show from there without getting mixed up with all the crowds. My sister's family met us there too, and we got all set up with blankets spread out, lawn chairs, drinks and snacks. We waited and waited. Finally, the first boom sounded and the sky lit up. However, to my horror we could only see the tip of the firework because one of the three story buildings was perfectly blocking it! I felt so bad, especially for my niece London because she was really excited to see them.

So we scrambled to pack up our spread and headed back to the car. Chris drove us down the street to an elementary school. There were a million people there, but we somehow managed to squeeze our car in. We jumped out to watch the rest of the show and could now see perfectly. 

Scarlett wasn't as impressed as I thought she would be, and she commented that they were, "kinda like thunder mom!"  I loved it though. The finale was great, and when everyone cheers at the end I always get chills. What a great way for so many people to gather peacefully and celebrate our great country and our freedom. We are so blessed.

Here's our little firecracker, all dressed in her red, white and blue!

And I always love to look at years past:

July 4 2008

July 4 2009

July 4 2010

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